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A Symmetrical Face is a Beautiful Face

Whether we realize it or not, full and symmetrical features are often a part of how we judge a person’s face. In fact, studies have proven that individuals with symmetrical faces are perceived as more attractive! The underlying facial bones are a significant determinant of an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Disproportionate features – a recessed chin or undefined cheek or jawbone – can negatively affect an individual’s appearance and confidence. Thus, facial implants come to the rescue. At Beverly Oaks Physicians Surgical Center, our surgeons are highly experienced in examining facial contours and determining the proper solution for each individual.

Cheek Implants

Age can have a toll on the face; cheek bones can become thin and sunken over time, leaving the face looking tired and lacking contour. By increasing projection and creating more distinct features, cheek implants can have a major impact on the appearance and self-confidence of individuals facing such problems.

Chin Surgery

Like well structured cheek bones, the chin helps provide harmony to the face as well. Patients often seek a smaller nose when, in fact, a chin augmentation or chin implant is needed to provide the face with balance and symmetry. Chin surgery helps to enhance the face’s natural poise and elevate self-confidence.

Implant sizes and shapes to augment the cheek and chin areas are tailored to each patient’s desired appearance. The implants are placed during an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia, which usually takes less than an hour to perform. Your doctor will make the necessary incisions in inconspicuous locations to allow for minimal scarring.

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