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Browlifts are designed to remove drooping and lined foreheads to provide a much more youthful appearance, allowing you to have a regular facial expression at all times, and not look depressed, exhausted, or aggravated at times you are not. Muscles atop the eyes are adjusted to create smooth lines, and raise eyebrows to gain a fresh facial appearance, this is achieved using minimally invasive or traditional techniques. The browlift procedure is commonly paired with a belpharoplasty and facelift to improve the overall features of the face.

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Types of Brow Lift Procedures

  1. Coronal Brow Lifts

  2. The coronal brow lift is the most popular and widely used forehead lift procedure. Surgeons will make an incision stretching from ear to ear in the least visible spot on the patients’ forehead, surgeons will then lift the patients’ forehead and remove any excess skin and tissue, in most cases the doctor will also lift the patients’ eyebrows. Coronal brow lifts are most commonly performed in combination with a complete facial rejuvenation, and it has now become more popular to contour the eyebrow rather than simply raising the height.

    Coronal Brow Lift Cost

    The cost of a coronal brow lift varies drastically from patient to patient, although the most common estimates range anywhere from $3,000 – $5,000, this depends heavily on the type of coronal brow lift the patient receives.

    Coronal Brow Lift Before After

    Coronal brow lifts are becoming very popular, especially for simple brow contouring. View how this procedure has benefited the appearance of other patients to see the outstanding results this procedure can deliver.
    Coronal BrowLift

  3. Endoscopic Brow Lift

  4. Endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure also known as a “brow enhancement”, which re-positions the eyebrows and removes frown lines for a more rejuvenated appearance. During the procedure surgeons will make tiny incisions within the hairline, once the incisions are made an endoscope is inserted into the incisions so the surgeon can then remove or re-positions muscles that generate frown lines. This procedure only take a few hours, some patients may experience mild pain and discomfort, pain medication is usually prescribed to reduce discomfort, as with most cosmetic surgeries some bruising and swelling may occur during the first week of recovery, stitches can be removed within 1 -2 weeks after the procedure.

    Endscopic Brow Lift Cost

    The cost of an endoscopic brow lift varies greatly from person to person, depending on the specific techniques that are used for each patient – surgeries can typically cost anywhere from $2,000 – $10,000. Endoscopic brow lifts are not typically covered by insurance policies.

    Endoscopic Brow Lift Before and After

    Endoscopic brow lifts are a very popular procedure, since it is minimally invasive and recovery time is relatively short. View the amazing results patients have received after undergoing a endoscopic brow lift.

    Endoscopic Brow Lift Before After

    Endoscopic Browlift Before After

  5. Subcutaneous Brow Lift

  6. Subcutaneous brow lift is an anterior procedure when an incision is made in the patients’ hairline. Unlike coronal or endoscopic brow lifts, the hairline is not moved back, excess skin is simply removed from the subcutaneous plane to avoid nerve damage, this procedure is administered to patients who have deep horizontal creases on their forehead.

    Subcutaneous Brow Lift Before and After

    View the fantastic results of patients who have undergone a subcutaneous brow lift.

    subcutaneous brow lift before after


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