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Lip Augmentation

Either through surgery or injections, lip augmentation can increase the size of your lips. This cosmetic procedure can be done on either your upper lip, your bottom lip, or both at the same time. The effects of lip augmentation can be either temporary or permanent, depending on which procedure is performed.

Lip augmentation provides larger and fuller lips for individuals who are not satisfied with the look of their natural lips, or whose lips have lost their fullness due to age. With the use of injectable fillers, implants, and grafts patients can receive the luscious full lips they have always wanted, all with very little downtime and very few side effects.

Some of the options for Lip Augmentations (which can be discussed with your free consultation)

  • lip-augmentation-4Collagen injections
  • Patient’s own fat from another area of the body
  • Artecoll injections
  • Autologen injections
  • Dermalogen injections
  • Fascia injections
  • Hylaform injections
  • Restylane injections

How is the lip augmentation procedure performed?

With the advancements in technology, lip augmentation procedures in Los Angeles are usually performed in under one hour. Beverly Oaks Surgery has performed countless lip augmentation procedures and our patients love their fuller lips! Depending on which type of procedure is required, anesthesia may or may not be used. If you are looking for an injection only, then usually a topical treatment is used. If you are looking for lip implants in Los Angeles, these types of procedures usually require a local or general anesthetic.

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