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Fallopian Tubal Reversal

A significant amount of women who have previously had children will make the premature decision to have a tubal ligation as a permanent method of contraception. Once the fallopian tubes are ligated (“tied”), they are blocked off so that an egg can no longer be fertilized.

Many women who opt for this procedure regret their decision further down the line and wish to have more children. In these cases, a tubal reversal can be implemented by specially trained gynecologists to reconnect the fallopian tubes and once again make pregnancy possible.

Success is varied because the end of the fallopian tube must still be functional and able to move the fertilized egg into the uterus. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the reconstructed tube will be able to function.

If you have had a fallopian tubal ligation and wish to become pregnant, you do have options.

It is important to discuss the procedure, as well as the original tubal ligation procedure, with your doctor to learn about the risks and predicted outcomes of the tubal reversal procedure.

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