Vaginal Wall Repair

Anterior and posterior vaginal wall repair corrects prolapse of the uterus and vaginal walls, these procedures can be performed together or one at a time.

Anterior repair:

Anterior repair procedure adjusts prolapse or slipping forward of the front wall of the vagina. As a result of such a prolapse, the bladder can descend as well, causing discomfort and a lump-like feeling in the vagina.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. During the operation, a small incision is made on the front vaginal wall, and the bladder is pushed back to its normal position and held in place with sutures. A synthetic material may be placed between the bladder and vagina and if needed, sutures will attach the vaginal walls to the tissue on the side of the pelvis. Excess vaginal skin is then trimmed and incisions are closed.

Symptoms of prolapse:

  • Being unable to fully empty bladder
  • Full sensation at all times (loss of appetite)
  • Vaginal pressure
  • Discomfort/pain in back during intercourse.
  • Bladder infections.

Before having this surgery, your doctor may have you learn pelvic floor muscle exercises (Kegel exercises), use a vaginal estrogen cream, or try a device called a pessary in your vagina to hold up the prolapse.

Anterior Repair

Posterior repair:

Posterior repair corrects prolapse or slipping forward of the back wall of the vagina. As a result of such a prolapse, the rectum can descend as well, causing discomfort, a lump-like feeling on the back of the vagina, and problems with opening and controlling the bowels.

This operation involves similar techniques used in the anterior repair to push the rectum back to its normal position.

Posterior Repair

To find out more about the anterior and posterior vaginal wall repair procedures, call us today to schedule your appointment. You don’t have to live with this condition anymore – the results you deserve are just a few steps away!


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