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Pain Management

An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is a major medical condition distinctly different and more complex than acute pain. While acute pain is a normal sensation triggered in the nervous system to alert one to possible injury, chronic pain is a state in which pain persists for many months or years, beyond the normal course required by healing of an injury. The economic and personal losses associated with chronic pain can be significant, including costly medical expenses, lost income and productivity; lost mobility, anxiety or depression.

The causes of chronic pain are not always clear. Past traumatic injuries, congenital conditions, cancers, arthritis, and others might point to an obvious culprit, but in many cases the source of chronic pain can be very complex. This makes it difficult to treat, and pain management usually does not involve one approach, but a multidisciplinary focus designed to help the patient reach his or her highest level of function and independence.

Our doctors are well-trained in treatment of acute, sub-acute and chronic muscle and nerve pain problems, as they utilize the most advanced treatment techniques. They will work with you one-on-one to determine the best treatment plan for your individual pain to relieve symptoms and allow you to enjoy your everyday activities to their maximum potential.

Causes of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain may develop as a result of several different conditions, including:

Herniated disc
Spinal stenosis
Facet joint pain
Injury pain
Cancer pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Your doctor will evaluate your condition through a series of diagnostic exams


For the most severe cases that do not respond to less invasive treatments, surgery may be required to relieve pain and allow patients to resume normal functioning, although movement may be somewhat restricted. Surgery may include joint replacement, cartilage repair and other procedures.

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