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Orthopedic Consultation Specialist

Orthopedic diseases and injuries can take a significant toll on mobility as well as causing substantial pain and discomfort. At Beverly Oaks Surgery, patients benefit from one-on-on orthopedic consultation services aimed at diagnosing the cause of symptoms so treatment can be customized for each patient's needs.

Orthopedic Consultation Q&A

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What is an orthopedic consultation?

Orthopedic consultation appointments provide a doctor with comprehensive information about the health of a patient as well as any symptoms the patient may be experiencing so an accurate diagnosis can be made. Consultations usually take place when symptoms like pain or reduced range of motion are occurring, but they can also be scheduled prior to surgery, for a second opinion, or to obtain information about a treatment a patient may be considering.

What happens during an orthopedic consultation?

First, weight and blood pressure will be measured and recorded, and a complete medical history will be taken, including information about personal and family health issues to look for risk factors for diseases. The symptoms will be discussed and patients will be asked in-depth questions about the symptoms and their physical activity and lifestyle. A physical exam will be performed which may include passive and active movements to determine the cause of symptoms. Diagnostic imaging tests like x-rays or CT scans may be ordered, and in some cases, lab work may also be prescribed. At the end of the consultation, treatment options will be discussed which could include knee arthroscopy, surgery, or treatments including stem cells or platelet rich plasma to stimulate natural healing.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive use injury that occurs when the primary nerve that travels from the nerve to the hand becomes compressed or pinched where it enters the wrist. The carpal tunnel part of the wrist is quite narrow so when it becomes inflamed or irritated it can cause impingement and irritation of the nerve resulting in pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be caused by repetitive motions like typing on a computer keyboard or other ongoing tasks that require repeated motion of the wrist and hands.

What happens during knee arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy uses a special instrument called an arthroscope which is inserted through a small incision near the joint. A camera on the end of the scope captures images that are then sent to a monitor for viewing. A small amount of air or fluid may be pumped into the joint to make it easier to see the interior components. Some relatively minor causes of knee pain can be treated during the procedure.

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We work with our patients to obtain the most affordable insurance coverage possible. We also provide financial assistance for the uninsured and under-insured.

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