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Spine Specialist

If you have spinal conditions that have not responded to more conservative treatments or if you’d like answers to what’s causing your chronic back pain, visit some of LA’s very best spine surgeons at Beverly Oaks. We offer top quality care, a state of the art medical facility, and first-class customer service that you won’t get at a hospital!

Spinal Surgery Q & A


We treat:

Herniated discs:

A spinal disc is made up of a hard exterior surrounding a softer, jelly-like interior. A herniated disc occurs when part of the interior substance leaks out past the exterior of the disc and presses against the nerves around it, resulting in pain, numbness, and weakness in the arm or leg.


The sciatic nerve runs from the lower back, through the hips and buttocks, and down into each leg. Sciatica occurs when some part of that nerve is pinched—whether from a herniated disc, a compressed spine, or some other condition—causing pain and numbness in the lower back and legs.

Back pain:

Back pain can occur in the lower, middle, or upper back and may be caused by injury, degeneration, muscles and nerve problems, or a number of other conditions. Depending on the severity, back pain may be treated with physical therapy, medication, or surgery.

Nerve pain:

When pressure is put on a nerve and that nerve is compressed, it often results in pain and numbness. If a spinal nerve is compressed, which happens when a spinal disc is torn or weakened, pain may radiate in the upper, middle, or lower back, as well as into the shoulders, arms, and legs.


When a damaged or torn spinal disc presses against a spinal nerve, it can result in numbness (as well as pain), in the back, arms, and legs.


Pain epidural injections:

Used to treat both lower and upper back pain, an epidural steroid can be injected into the lumbar area (for lower back and sciatica pain) or the epidural space surrounding spinal nerve roots (for upper back and neck pain).

Nerve block:

When a group of nerves is causing pain, a nerve-numbing substance may be injected into the affected area of the body as treatment. Nerve blocks may be used to alleviate pain, to determine exact sources of pain, to prevent pain, or as an alternative to surgery.

Accepted Insurance

We work with our patients to obtain the most affordable insurance coverage possible. We also provide financial assistance for the uninsured and under-insured.

Anthem Blue Cross
Blue Shield of California
Health Net
Regal Medical Group

Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "Thank you to Dr. Elias and his wonderful team for taking such good care of me and changing my life!! I feel so confident and beautiful!!!"

    Melissa M
  • Yelp

    "From the moment you call for the first time and make the appointment you can tell they are different from the rest."

    Luis C
  • Yelp

    "We were pleasantly accommodated! Beginning to end glad we were able to deal with your professional medical group."

    Sean M
  • RateMDs

    "There are not good diagnosticians everywhere, and that is what Dr Rogers is, as well as a darn good doctor."

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    "I had severe back and neck pain. Dr. Rogers operated on 4 different areas. I am now able to do most things that I was unable to do before"

  • RateMDs

    "If you have a severe spine problem, lumbar or cervical, this young man has some of the best hands in the business."

  • Yelp

    "In all my years dealing with many different types of doctors in 2 different states, I have never met one that has cared so personally about a patient before."

    Natalya C.
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    "In addition to that the day of, after and since his surgery Dr. Rogers care remained informative, compassionate and THOROUGH. I can't thank him and his staff enough"

    Selina T.
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