Vasectomy Procedure In Los Angeles

A vasectomy is one of the most effective forms of permanent contraception. During the procedure, the vas deferens tubes are cut and sealed so that sperm can no longer travel to the prostate for ejaculation. The testes will still continue to produce sperm, but it will be absorbed back into the body and will not be present in the semen during ejaculation. With the absence of sperm in the seminal fluid, there is no risk of pregnancy.

It is extremely important to note that this procedure provides no protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Male Anatomy

The Vasectomy Procedure

The vasectomy operation is an out-patient procedure and normally lasts twenty to thirty minutes under local anesthesia. The vas deferens are operated on one at a time. A very small incision is made in the scrotum and the tubes are cut then sutured or cauterized in order to close them off.

Some men receive a no-scalpel vasectomy. During this procedure, a special forceps punctures (rather than cuts) the skin. In the one tiny puncture both tubes are tied off, cauterized or blocked. This procedure does not require any sutures.


Vasectomy Recovery

Due to sperm lingering within the various tubes of the penile anatomy, it can take up to three months post-surgery before the patient is completely sterile. Over twenty ejaculations may be necessary after the procedure before complete sterility can be ensured. After 60 days a sperm count test is strongly recommended to certify sterility, it is also important to have an additional sperm count test after 30 days of the initial test, to guarantee sterility.

Vasectomy Risks

Vasectomy procedures can have minor side effects, although the size of the incision is so miniscule that infection and bleeding caused by the incision is very rare. There is a chance that sperm may seep into the scrotum after the procedure, the immune system will often attack the sperm which can cause sperm granuloma. Sperm granuloma causes a small lump to form which clears up on its own, in some cases it must be surgically removed.

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